The Taste Test: Boneless vs. Bone-In


What's the difference between bone-in cuts and boneless cuts? It all comes down to flavor intensity. 

Cuts of beef with the bone left in ("bone-in") have a flavor profile that is intensified during aging and on the grill. Although we age all Taste of Texas steaks at least forty days, the beefy flavors from this process are especially apparent when eating bone-in cuts. They are also a blast to grill and, when served sizzling, look especially impressive. 

This gift box allows you to compare the difference for yourself. It includes: 

Boneless: One 16 ounce Ribeye & One 10 ounce Filet

Bone-In: One 24 ounce Cowboy Ribeye & One 14 ounce Bone-In Filet

Steak Seasoning and Gourmet Grilling Guide

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