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Steaks by the Case

$539.95 - $859.95

Grill for large gatherings parties, reunions, and more or stock the freezer with perfectly aged, hand-cut steaks, now offered by case packs of 24.  Add to your cart by using the drop down below and enjoy our favorite cuts, cheaper by the dozens. Includes a shaker jar of our Signature Steak Seasoning and Gourmet Grilling Guide.

For a limited time, case shipping is FREE to all of Texas and most of the USA. Express shipping is automatically discounted by $15.

Want to schedule your delivery or don't see your favorite cut? Contact us at 1-866-TX-Steak (1-866-897-8325) or with your name, address, and desired cuts. *Online exclusive.

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Our beef is incredibly flavorful, tender, and juicy because of the high amounts of marbling in every cut. Marbling is the name for the white flecks of fat in the beef, which melt into the meat when cooking and produces flavorful juices and tender steaks for the dinner table. We aged our beef a minimum of 40 days, resulting in buttery tenderness and mouth-watering flavor. Our aging line is held in a state-of-the-art facility in Houston. We hand cut our steaks with exacting trim specifications, resulting in perfect steaks that are ready for your grill.


Our steaks are flash frozen in cryovac, carefully wrapped in butcher paper, and packed in an insulated reusable cooler with enough dry ice to keep them perfectly frozen to arrive to your door. We have shipped thousands of boxes since 2005 and guarantee each delivery.