Our Beef

We proudly serve only perfectly aged Certified Angus Beef®, the finest beef on the market. Heritage Angus cattle are carefully selected from family ranches, and these producers are dedicated to bringing the very best beef to your family’s table.
Family Ranches

Recently Edd and the team travelled to the Olson Family ranch to share where Certified Angus Beef® comes from.
Our beef is incredibly flavorful, tender, and juicy because of the high amounts of marbling in every cut. Marbling is the name for the white flecks of fat in the beef, which melt into the meat when cooking and produces flavorful juices and tender steaks for the dinner table.

Aging is the process by which beef is allowed to rest in its natural juices to become more tender and more flavorful. Industry standards for aging beef are from 14-21 days. We extend our aging requirements to a minimum of 40 days, resulting in buttery tenderness and mouth-watering flavor. Our aging line is held in a state-of-the-art facility in Houston that is closely monitored.

At the Taste of Texas, we also have most stringent trim specifications. Our Filets are Center Cut and Complete Trim, which means we purchase two pounds of tenderloin to get one pound of beautiful filets. We remove the side muscle and belly fat of the tenderloin and then will only cut from the center of the tenderloin so that our filets are absolutely perfect. We approach our New York Strips the same. We never serve the vein steaks, which are found on the Strip Loin toward the chuck end. Instead, we absorb the cost of not serving these steaks. Additionally, we trim the Strip fat cap down to 1/8" so that the perfect amount is left to render into the steak on the grill.