Texas Trivia

  1. What small village in Big Bend had an army post stationed there (1915) to protect the area from Mexican bandit Pancho Villa?
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  2. What famous US Army Officers were assigned to that post?
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    Black Jack Pershing and George Patton
  3. What is the only legal border crossing between El Paso and Del Rio?
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  4. What is the birthplace of the Texas flag?
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    Montgomery, designed by Dr. Charles Bellinger Stewart
  5. What famous Bonanza TV series star was from O'Donnell, TX.
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    Dan Blocker ´Hoss´ Cartwright
  6. What is the oldest law enforcement agency in North America with a statewide jurisdiction?                                                                      See Answer
    The Texas Rangers
  7. What is the AA-affiliate of the Houston Astros Baseball team based in Corpus Christi?
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    Corpus Christi Hooks
  8. What does the German name "Schlitterbahn" mean?
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    Slippery Road
  9. Sam Houston, arguably the most famous Texan, was actually born in what state?
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  10. What river in Texas means "nuts"?
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