Favorite Eyewitness Accounts

These are Nina's favorite eyewitness account books from the days when Texas won her independence from a brutal, bloody dictator and existed as our own nation for 9 years.

Mary Austin Holley; The Texas diary, 1835-1838

Davy Crockett: His Own Story by David Crockett

Davy Crockett A Narrative of the Life of David Crockett of the State of Tennessee by David Crockett and Paul Andrew Hutton

With Santa Anna in Texas: A Personal Narrative of the Revolution by Jose Enrique De LA Pena (Author), Carmen Perry (Translator)

The Evolution Of A State: Or Recollections Of Old Texas Days by Noah Smithwick and Smithwick N Donaldson (Paperback - Aug 6, 2008)

The Eagle: The Autobiography of Santa Anna by Antonio Santa Anna and Ann Fears Crawford (Hardcover - Dec 1988)

Gail Borden, Pioneer by Clarence R Wharton (Unknown Binding - 1941)

A Revolution Remembered: The Memoirs and Selected Correspondence of Juan N. Seguin (The Fred H. and Ella Mae Moore Texas History Reprint Series) (Paperback) by Juan Nepomuceno Seguin (Author), Jesus F. De LA Teja (Author), Jesus F. De LA Teja (Editor)

Eyewitness To The Alamo, Revised Edition (Paperback) by Bill Groneman (Author)