Signature Rocks Glasses


Handmade in Texas, these 12 oz. rocks glasses are wrapped with brown Illini Horween leather and feature a mid-brown stitch. The Sam Houston Signature and the Davy Crockett Signature have been recreated from our original artifacts on display in our Museum. Local craftsmen stamped the matte gold foil signatures on at a high heat by hand and then hammer rivets to secure the wrapping. 

  • Includes two 12 oz leather-wrapped rocks glasses, one Crockett and one Houston
  • Made in Houston
  • Limited Quantity Available

Sam Houston's Signature

This “I Am Houston” calling card is an extremely rare and interesting signature of the hero of San Jacinto and the first President of Texas, Sam Houston. He was so pleased that the Allen brothers named the newly founded City of Houston for him, that for a time he signed his first name with an “I” instead of an “S” so that his name read “I am Houston.”

Davy Crockett's Signature

In August 1835, when he was not reelected to the United States Congress, Colonel David Crockett declared, “You may all go to hell, I will go to Texas.” Crockett left for Texas and later gave his life defending the Alamo.

This Davy Crockett signature comes from his time as a Congressman from Tennessee. His signature is on the upper right side of an envelope, which means it was a “congressional frank.” To this day, Congressional members may sign their names in place of stamps for official business mail and the practice is referred to as a “congressional frank.”

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