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Here at the Taste of Texas, we are quite partial to the simplicity of grilled steaks served sizzling with garlic butter. While it sounds easy, there is an art to grilling and serving the perfect steak. There are several things to consider before purchasing your dinner.

We've found four components of a great steak - marbling, trim, aging, and preparation. Account for all four and we guarantee it will be love at first bite.

Marbling: refers to the white flecks of fat interspersed throughout the beef. Marbling contributes greatly to a steak's flavor, juiciness and tenderness, and is the major factor in the USDA grading system. Higher quality beef has more marbling.

Trim: refers to the cut of steak. A well-trimmed steak will have the proper amount of fat for cooking that particular cut of meat, and will have all gristle trimmed away for you. We very closely monitor the trim of our steaks, resulting in a consistently great experience every time.

Aging: Beef is aged to release its full flavor and to develop tenderness. Our steaks are aged in a state of the art system for 40+ days, fully two weeks longer than our competitors.

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